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 Samuel, the Nostalgic Jolteon

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PostSubject: Samuel, the Nostalgic Jolteon   Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:16 am

Name: Samuel

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Jolteon

Level: 100

Appearance: He has badass spiky wings that come out of his body and go back in at will.

Powers: None, really, except some pretty ridiculous ones that he used to have that got destroyed by an equally ridiculous power. So none at the time.

Moves Learned: Damn, why did I put this on here... Thunder, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave, Volt Tackle, Spark, Sky Attack, Fly, Wing Attack, Roost

Personality: He is very calm, although he used to have an easily shifted mood (when I was new and bad at RPing... Lol.) He now prefers negotiation rather than fighting.

History: Once an Eevee from an unknown source, he soon evolved into a Jolteon, fell in love, his wife died or something I don't remember, fell in love again, and then disappeared. He has now made a reappearance, and his vanishing may have been the doing of an evil Zoroark...


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Samuel, the Nostalgic Jolteon
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