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 Vee, the Emo Shapeshifting Alpha

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PostSubject: Vee, the Emo Shapeshifting Alpha   Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:15 pm

Name: Vee

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Pokemon: ???

Level: Umm.... ????????????

Appearance: Silver/grey fur. Emerald green eyes. Normally seen in the forme of an Eevee or Lucario... normally

Powers: Alpha, Ethereal, Dark, Aura

Moves Learned: Transform... along with many others

Personality: Somewhat considered to be emo, Vee is what people would call a recluse... there are few pokemon he willingly talks to. But when confronted with his duty he steps up to the plate and does it to the expectations of his rank in the ETA. There are a couple things to remember about Vee... 1. You mess with his family and you ares as good as dead and 2. He is as ruthless as he is kind... don't piss him off

History: The son of Glai. As a child Vee was tramatized as his mother was killed in front of his eyes by Weavile... since then he has harbored an undying hatred for the species. As time went on he became distant with his father but he still continued to keep an eye on his family as his own punishment of not being able to protect his mother from the Weavile tyrant, Alex. Eventually he met Grace and reluctantly allowed her to travel with him due to his father's pushing and Grace determination. He is now one of the ETA Elites with the rank of Rear Admiral. He is also the husband of the ETA's very own Bluebrush.
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Vee, the Emo Shapeshifting Alpha
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