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 Homestuck RP

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PostSubject: Homestuck RP   Sat Mar 14, 2015 6:34 pm

This is for anyone who might be interested in doing a Homestuck RP with me.
By a stroke of luck ::::D and a mOtHeRfUcKiNg mIrAcLe the Alpha kids (Jane, Dirk, Jake, and Roxy) managed to create a new universe. Dave and Aradia used time shenanigans to bring our dear Feferi's past self to the future temporarily so she could use her abilities as Witch of Life to restore all the dead Alpha trolls to life. With enough time, patience, and grist, Kanaya, with the help of Rose, was able to alchemize a new Matriorb, which she hatched on their new planet; AlterniEarth (name of planet is up for debate), thus creating a new Mother Grub and finding a way to restore her race. Feferi is now the Empress, ruling the planet with a gentle but firm fist, striving for peace with the humans, but to no avail. Trolls and humans now live in an uneasy peace, both sides wary and untrusting of the other. Few of the Alpha trolls other than Feferi and Gamzee, now Grand Highblood, are alive, but the ones who do and are not in positions of power are enjoying their new lives on this planet, unwilling to become involved in another war. All eight of the kids have long since passed on, regarded as heroes by both species, and were buried in secret places by Feferi.
Despite all that occurred during the game surrounding Karkat and his mutation, mutant trolls are still culled on sight, even though Feferi forbids it. These orders to kill on sight come from many of the other highblooded trolls, who ensure that anyone who knows about the mutants is eliminated as a way of preventing Feferi from hearing about it.
One day, Feferi, while visiting the graves of her dead friends, comes across something that rekindles many old memories; Sburb/Sgrub. She leaves it on Sollux's grave, hoping that nobody will ever find it. Weeks later, however, she discovers that Sburub (a combination of the names) had been released and that eight children and twelve trolls, her descendant among them. Not wanting any harm to befall these children, she hides in the shadows, watching them, helping when she can, hoping that they survive. During this time, she searches for the person who released Sburub to the public, planning to either imprison or cull them, whichever comes first.

Bow down to the Elven Bunny Queen, foolish mortals! >:3
Nah, I'm just kidding, I love you all, my special little snowflakes. <3
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Homestuck RP
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