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 When Kings Fall - A Pokemon RP (Characters)

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PostSubject: When Kings Fall - A Pokemon RP (Characters)   Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:32 pm

Imagine a world where war rages endlessly between the many clans and races living upon it. Pokemon fight against and with humans, aiding to the casualties on all sides. The Magicians, magic-users born to the clans, are the only hope for peace to ever return to the dying planet. They are all sent to a special school to learn to control their powers, which usually correspond to the clan that they were born to (In extent, those born to The Clan of Shadows usually have dark magic, Those born to The Clan of Flames usually have fire magic). Only the "King" of the clan, who can be any age, male or female, has the ability to awaken the powers of magicians within the people who have the ability to use magic. Unlike the others, the "King" is born able to use magic. These "Kings" are sent to the school along with the other Magicians. If a "King" goes for too long without using his or her power, it eventually causes them to go a little insane, and the built up power often erupts out of the "King" all at once, causing devastating damage to the area around them. The "Kings" almost always survive these eruptions.

The Viridian child, a special "King" born every one hundred years under mysterious circumstances (many speculate that they are born from the trees of the Viridian Forest, created from to the wishes of the plants and Pokemon of the world that hope for salvation and peace) is unlike the other kings. He or she is able to use all types of magic and communicate with Pokemon. They also rule over the Pokemon, able to take control of them at will. However, this power comes at a terrible price. The Viridian child's power builds up much faster within them than the powers in other "Kings", causing them to go completely mad and self-destruct, creating a far more destructive explosion than that of an ordinary "King's" eruption of built-up power. No Viridian children to this date have survived an Eruption of Power, so they must have a constant outlet for their magic.

Mystical beings, such as demons and whatnot, live among all of these beings, posing as whatever they want. Some choose to be human. Some choose to be Pokemon. Some remain as themselves. All wreak havoc in the world, plotting something sinister with those Pokemon and humans willing to go along with their plans.

In this world, Pokeballs do not exist. Only certain people are able to become Pokemon trainers. Most Magicians are among them. These people have the ability to befriend Pokemon that pertain to their affinity, though it can at times be difficult, with how dangerous the beasts are. The clans tend to live in the area of the world where the type of Pokemon that live there usually correspond with the clans (In extent, Electric Pokemon tend to live in the part of the world where The Clan of Thunder lives, and Fairy Pokemon tend to live in the part of the world where The Clan of Magic lives). The only types of Pokemon that live in most areas of the world are Normal, Water, Grass, Bug, and Flying. The clans that pertain to these Pokemon are general neutral, and usually live their lives as peaceful, wandering Nomads, unlike the other clans, which remain stationary and argumentative.

The School for Magicians and Gifted Trainers is now open, ready to begin a new year. The Magicians and Trainers from each clan have been sent their to learn how to use their powers and how to fight alongside their Pokemon effectively. Whether they choose to aid in the raging war between the clans and Pokemon or to try to instill peace among all of the races is up to them and their experiences there.
Yet, it seems that the most powerful and talented Magicians and Trainers sent to the school have begun to disappear, reappearing as mangled, almost recognizable bodies.
Murder, it seems, has followed them. The evil lurking among them... Close to unstoppable.

Only time will tell what will happen when and if the "Kings" fall. Only time will tell what kind of consequences the fall of a "King" will have on the world and on the war.
Welcome, Magicians, Trainers and Pokemon alike, to The School for Magicians and Gifted Trainers.

Clan of Thunder - Electric
Clan of Flames - Fire
Clan of Shadows - Dark
Clan of Magic - Fairy
Clan of Venom - Poison
Clan of Flight - Flying
Clan of Fists - Fighting
Clan of the Ordinary - Normal
Clan of the Sea - Water
Clan of Snow - Ice
Clan of Earth - Ground
Clan of Stone - Rock
Clan of Nature - Grass
Clan of Plagues - Bug
Clan of Power - Psychic
Clan of Spirit - Ghost
Clan of Scales - Dragon
Clan of Blades - Steel

Demons may not be Magicians or Kings. Magicians and Kings are strictly human. This is because demons have their own powers already. They are able to shape shift, and they have extreme strength and speed and stuff. Think of them as similar to vampires, werewolves, and the other cliche supernatural beings from our horror stories. They are able to control people and Pokemon (like possessing them or something) as well, and erase memories. They are basically Viridian Children when it comes to magic, but with much weaker powers, greater strength, speed, and more homicidal tendencies, though there are a few outliers whom are kind and good.

Character Template:




Race (human/demon/other):

Status (ordinary/trainer/magician (if magician, can also be trainer)):

Pokemon companions (future or present ones, if trainer):






Characters must be approved. I hate doing it, but we need to have characters of several different clans, status', and races, so I have to make sure not everyone picks the same things.

Ideas during this RP must be brought up to me at least for approval. If you want the idea to remain a surprise to the others in the RP, that is fine, unless it involves other people's characters - then it must be brought up with the owners of the affected characters as well.

Other than that, the terrain is free for you to roam. In other words, have at it. No other rules. Let us make an awesome role play together, everyone!

We might have to rely on dice roll for this. XP


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PostSubject: Re: When Kings Fall - A Pokemon RP (Characters)   Wed Oct 22, 2014 12:42 am

Name:Rime Frost
Race (human/demon/other):Demon
Status (ordinary/trainer/magician (if magician, can also be trainer)):Magician/Trainer
Pokemon companions (future or present ones, if trainer):phantump
Clan:clan of nature
Appearance: height: 5'8, weight: 130, pale complexion with long black hair, green eyes, muscular build
Talents:mastery of grass magics
Personality:hyper-active when with friends or near people, alone complacent; deep in thought. an overall happy person.

Note to lucy:
1. is this an ok character
2. if you want you can make me a king if not roll dice to decide

People say that a life without end is pointless, to me its the only life that is meaningful
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When Kings Fall - A Pokemon RP (Characters)
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