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 Farros, the Cybernetic Assassin

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PostSubject: Farros, the Cybernetic Assassin   Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:18 am

Name: Farros Kael. His code name used to keep his identity a secret is: Sigma

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Scizor

Level: Classified but likely to be over 90

Appearance: A dark green Scizor with cybernetic implants from his scarred eye down his right arm to his claw. His eye is no longer natural and changes color constantly. He also has a few scars on his head which resulted from multiple brain surgeries. Same goes for his chest since his heart was replaced.

Powers: Farros is a master infiltrator and assasin. He is equipped with a highly advanced tactical cloaking device allowing him to become completely invisible.His cybernetic implants have also increased his strength, speed, reaction time, and skill in general. He also has a few weapons implanted in his arm. Unlike most Scizors, Farros's wings have been cybernetically modified, granting him the ability to fly but he cannot fly too far up and also cannot fly for extended periods of time.

Pokemon Moves that I might never use lol: Metal Claw, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Substitute, X-Scissor, Double Team.

Personality: Cold-hearted and prone to violence. He does think logically and knows when fighting is not the answer. He is a bit difficult to get along with but loyal to those he cares about and deems worthy of his companionship. He also tends to be quiet emotionless due to his career as an assassin and the fact the he is partly a machine.

History: Farros has been killing for as long as he can remember. He has been an assassin for the Weavile most of his life. He has been successful with his assassinations almost every time but not without repercussions. He has sustained many injuries that would be fatal to most people. But with his unbreakable will and Weavile assistance, he has survived. His brain, right eye, right arm, heart, and skull have been altered with cybernetic implants. His eye, heart, and skull were completely replaced. His brain however is not completely mechanical so his personality and memories have been kept intact...but not completely. He has received a large range of assassination orders. From bandits to Guardians. He has recently been ordered to kill most of the other characters (I'm leaving Simetra out) at least once. He battled all of them but did not actually try to kill them. The Weavile were failing more and more as time passed. He felt that his skills were being wasted with them so he left them and decided to find those the Weavile wanted dead so badly and join them.
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Farros, the Cybernetic Assassin
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