The legendary adventures of Glai and Will and co. continue on!
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 Willpower AKA The Subsitute for Elipzo, The Kid That Never Came to Be

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PostSubject: Willpower AKA The Subsitute for Elipzo, The Kid That Never Came to Be   Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:55 pm

Name: Willpower

Age: Chronologically, 68, but as of right now, 3.

Gender: I don't know any girls named Will, do you?

Pokémon: See that mischevious looking Eevee at the top?

Level: Chronologically, with his age, blah blah and whatnot, I had decided on 82. But since he's a kid now, we'll say, erm, 17. That's a fun number.

Apperance: A normal Eevee, but with green eyes. Were you expecting an totally awesome ascot?

Powers: His latent Ethereal Energy, but that doesn't arise for quite some time.

Moves Learned: Quick Attack, Bite, Shadow Ball, in process of learning Ice Beam from Glai. Ain't goin' too well.

Personality: Sometimes calm and nice, he does have a knack to get his ass whooped by Glai on occassion. In short, he's a troublemaker now.

History:...Bloody hell, where do I begin? This guy has had so much backstory and changing crap that even I can't give a straight answer. But the simpliest, most accurate answer is this: His parents are Maya and Flash, but as of his death by the Vanguard, he is reliving the childhood he's always wanted as Glai's son. He, too, is an Alpha, but doesn't really in particular care for the advantages it brings. Usually a simple guy, he isn't too complex to figure out.
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Willpower AKA The Subsitute for Elipzo, The Kid That Never Came to Be
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