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 Ciel, the Lazy Jolteon

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PostSubject: Ciel, the Lazy Jolteon   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:21 pm

Name: Ciel

Age: 2

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Jolteon

Powers: Not natural powers by any means, but his technology grants him the ability to do many things a normal Jolteon can't.

Appearance: Normal, but his eyes are pure white. Ghost form is colorless and see-through.
Level: 29

Moves Learned: Charge Beam, Iron Tail, Double Team, Substitute, and some other stuff

Personality: Ciel is very, very lazy. When he's actually awake and moving, however, he's usually very arrogant, except around Clair, who scares him. The boy seems to only be relaxed when he's surrounded by machines, and tends to prefer noise, even if it is chaotic and unorganized, to silence, which greatly bothers his sisters, since because of that he usually has some sort of white noise or music blaring. Being the fairly lazy bum that he is, Ciel has most of his machines do all his work for him, even to the point of having robotic limbs grafted to his back to help him walk (though they're usually concealed).

History: Obviously, Ciel was released because he refused to do anything he was told, instead trying to sleep during his training. Other than that, all we know is that he's clearly good with technology, and probably has a career as an inventor in his future, if he ever takes the initiative.
He was killed by Nitara, and Clair tried to bring him back. Something went awry, and now his body is stuck between living and dead, allowing him to not only bring himself back from the dead almost on command, but he can become a ghost at will.

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Ciel, the Lazy Jolteon
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