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 Daybreak, the Glaceon

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PostSubject: Daybreak, the Glaceon   Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:59 pm

Name: Daybreak

Age: 2. That's about 18 in dog years.

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Glaceon

Level: ??


Powers: Can use attacks that might be odd for a Glaceon, plus she has heightened senses.

Moves Learned: Ice Beam, Blizzard, Most other Ice moves, Giga Drain, Crunch, Hypnosis, Iron Tail, Dig, Leech Life, Iron Tail, Water Pulse

Personality: Though Day is nearly an adult, her mind and body both make her seem more like a little kid. She tends to be very naive and innocent, and shy around those who she doesn't know, but once the Glaceon is around someone she's comfortable with, she can actually be rather social, silly, and energetic.
If you hurt someone she loves, however, all that childlike kindess vanishes instantly, and she will likely try to kill you without a second thought.
** Having been tainted by darkness in the recent past, and being slowly corrupted by its energy, the walls that confine her in her childlike mind are slowly crumbling. She acts in a more mature manner than before, is more analytical and calculating, and somewhat manipulative.
Oh, and she has a superpowered evil side.

History: Day was, like her siblings, originally a Trainer's pokemon, having been released. She suffers from a disorder that makes her crave blood - better known as vampirism - where she got it from, since both her parents were normal, as are her siblings, is uncertain.
Daybreak has lived on route 217 with Ciel and Clair most of her life, but lately has become more adventrous and travels around.
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Daybreak, the Glaceon
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