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 Naoki, the mischevious Ditto

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PostSubject: Naoki, the mischevious Ditto   Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:35 am

Name -

Age - 4

Gender - Although usually genderless, she's female.

Pokemon - Ditto

Level - (What level is your character at? 1-100.) 32

Appearance - (Anything special about their appearance?)

Powers - (Do they have any special powers that other Pokemon don't? Not too overpowered please.) Can copy unique colors and forms.

Moves Learned -  (This keeps track of what moves the Pokemon knows. Unlike the video games, you may keep all moves you learn.) Transform, Metronome

Personality - (What the character is like, how they act, etc.) Mischevious, But compassionate, Naoki is one hell of a tomboy. She's also an Aurist.

History - (What events have occurred in their life prior to this point in time?) Bullied for being a Ditto, she sold near everything, and went after a bounty she couldn't get.

~ "You challenge me and then don't even show up?" ~

~Gallade, Swordmaster~
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Naoki, the mischevious Ditto
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